Divination Practice


Age 33


It all started in December 1988, in Geneva. I had been working as an assistant with a Geneva-based criminal lawyer of very high profile, actually the first address in Switzerland for cases that involve high crime, and offenders with a political agenda.

One Saturday night, after work, when it was very cold and foggy, I was on my way to the railway station, for driving back to a little suburb of Lausanne where I had my room, as I could not afford to pay for a flat in Geneva. And I saw a shop window of what seemed to be a New Age shop. A Tarot card set was catching my attention and I went to buy it, not really sure what had driven me to that decision.

From that time, I diligently studied the Tarot and its symbolism, based on the book by Sally Nichols, a Jungian scholar: ‘Jung and Tarot.’ I learnt what archetypes are and what Jung called the ‘collective unconscious.’

In 1996, while on business in Rotterdam, Holland, I was invited by a Chinese friend to visit a New Age shop there, as I was expressing to him my wish to study the I Ching. I found two editions of the I Ching, the Barnes translation which is based on the first German translation of the wisdom book, by Richard Wilhelm, and ‘The Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth’ by Daoist scholar Hua-Ching Ni.

From 2014, I have published several editions of my own I Ching interpretation, culminating in ‘The Leadership I Ching 2020.’ At the same time I have found a new wording for the Dao De Ching, in German language first, a totally intuitive approach to reword the text in a pointed and short diction—which in my opinion is in alignment with the Daoist idea of minimalism in style both in verbal and pictorial expression. I then translated that intuitive interpretation to English and published the two versions.

In 2015, I found the Rune Cards which are based on the Runes, and found that divination is much more precise using them compared to the I Ching. Also, I do not hide my discontentment with the I Ching for divinations that resulted in thousands of dollars in losses.

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