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Age 55


It all started in 2010, with Createspace, Amazon’s newly overtaken self-publishing company. From 2010 to 2013, I wrote and published 12 Idiot Guides, ten in English and two in German, under my pen Pierre F. Walter:

1) The Idiot Guide to Consciousness

2) The Idiot Guide to Creativity & Career

3) The Idiot Guide to Emotions

4) The Idiot Guide to Intuition

5) The Idiot Guide to Servant Leadership

6) The Idiot Guide to Love

7) The Idiot Guide to Sanity

8) The Idiot Guide to Science

9) The Idiot Guide to Soul Power

10) The Idiot Guide to Worldpeace

11) Wege zur Selbstentfaltung

12) Wege zum Weltfrieden

These were voluminous samplers of essays written previously, with a full index of audio and video content supporting the textual message.

The reaction of the audience was zero. Nothing sold. No attention grabbed. The fact that they were for sale on and online retailers did not alter this fact. I then wrote 7 Monographs:

1) Do You Love Einstein?

2) Energy Science and Vibrational Healing

3) Erós and Agapé

4) The Life Authoring Manual

5) Love and Awareness

6) Love or Morality?

7) The Deeper Yielding

These were my primer works. But nothing was sold. In 2014, I made a radical decision to unpublish all these books again and republish them differently, and under my real name.

From 2014 to 2020 I published 12 Monographs, 10 Essays on Law, Policy and Psychiatry, and 21 Scholarly Articles:

1) Creative-C Learning

2) Evidence and Burden of Proof in Foreign Sovereign Immunity Litigation

3) Evidence and Burden of Proof under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, 1976

4) Integrate Your Emotions

5) Shamanic Wisdom Meets the Western Mind

6) The 12 Angular Points of Social Justice and Peace

7) The Better Life

8) The Energy Nature of Human Emotions and Sexual Attraction

9) The Leadership I Ching

10) The Narcissism Reader

11) The Tao Te Ching

12) The Vibrant Nature of Life

In addition, I published 14 books in German language:

1) Dao De Ging

2) Das Dao der Staatsführung und Strategie (Huainanse)

3) Dramatische Schriften

4) Essays

5) Die Ersten Dreißig Jahre (Autobiographie)

6) Liebe und Philosophie

7) Das Buch Monelle (Deutsche Übersetzung von ‘Monelle’ von Marcel Schwob)

8) Novelletten

9) Ödipus Suite

10) Pamphlete und Philosophie in Kleinen Bissen

11) Poesiealbum

12) Romane

13) Wahre Geschichten

14) Mehr als Kindersex

In French language, I published my French essays and some poetic writings, like ‘Anissia.’ There were also some translations to Italian and some to Spanish, actually more than a dozen to Italian that I published on a dedicated site.

In October 2020, given my health problems, I decided to publish a free Public Domain Edition, consisting of an entry gate and a number of sites, all on, thus free. The entry gate is:

It turns out to be a gigantic kind of work, with 30+ connected sites and free PDF editions of 115 books and 43 essays in English language alone, not to count those in German, French, Italian and Spanish. Then there are 60+ audiobooks to publish on Audiomack ( and dozens of videos to publish on Youtube.

I am currently in the process of canceling all paid subscriptions, including the one with SoundCloud ( that came as a surprise as I had thought it was a free site. But it is not from a certain number of submissions and thus I will have to move a lot of content from there to Audiomack, which is really free.

Further, I will give up hosting next year, when my present hosting contract expires, and will until then redirect the hosted sites to the free sites. It was an astonishingly lucid insight to see that I really do not need it all, including the ‘business’ email addresses, as I am using anyway only my Gmail ones in my daily exchanges.

The Public Domain Edition is what will keep me busy for the next six months or so, in terms of Internet work, while I will continue with my spontaneous artwork, and a new project for combining my art and musical improvisations, to publish next year in the form of videos.

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