Age 30


It all started in Athens, Greece, when working as a volunteer in Greek-Hellenic Pre-School Activities. A colleague in the law institute in Lausanne picked up on my interest to change my entire professional pathway from law to education, and facilitated for me this short work term.

I had been staying with Laura, a German educator working in the same school, who had her house in Maroussi while the Kindergarten was in Kiffisias. And as I narrate it all in my story ‘Gérali,’ it was in Laura’s house that, when being together with Gérali who came for staying the weekend with Laura, that I started my artwork.

Several collections followed, when back in Lausanne, and this journey ended in 1992 as I somehow lost interest for art after my return to Germany. My interest had switched to music and there and then, in the new house of my mother, I was realizing several piano solo, new age and relaxation music collections.

I took up art seriously only in 2012, when I got an iPad and the Procreate drawing software, and realized a collection. Then I got my iPad stolen, and again focused on music rather than visual art, realizing music collections from 2010, ongoing every year, until 2020.

It was only in 2019 that my non-digital art experienced a tremendous revival, with several collections.

Finally, in August 2020, quite recently thus, I took up digital art again, with the purchase of an iPad Pro. I feel that while for non-digital art, I reached my peak so far with the 2019 collections, and the same is true for digital art with my most recent digital art collections.

It is difficult if not impossible to write anything more about my artwork. It was certainly triggered to emerge with my work on inner child recovery and healing, during my psychotherapy, 1990-1992. It is thus a strong expression of the personality of my Inner Child. This is the only thing I can say about it because it is totally spontaneous. There is no planning, there is no judging, there is no performing. It is a joyful emergence each and every time, and takes seconds up to a few minutes for one artwork.

And the therapeutic effect still is there, as it was present during my psychotherapy when the artwork was a parallel engagement of mine, not endorsed but welcome by my psychiatrist. What I call ‘therapeutic effect’ is a clearly perceived lowering of my overall stress level, slight fatigue, and a relaxation response.

This is the immediate felt sense of it, while about an hour later, it all develops into a heightened state of awareness, a state of inner peace, and the calming of any kind of restlessness. There is also a silent joy.

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