Praise and Gratitude for WordPress

Without WordPress, the best publishing platform today, the present project could not have been engaged in the way it was. The aesthetic beauty, functionality and pragmatic implementation of WordPress online publishing is unmatched and I am really grateful for using it for my Public Domain Edition.

I have been with WordPress for many years and in hindsight it was a wonderful journey! There were many problems to solve and some implementations back then were not as good as one was expecting. But those little bugs were all fixed and now the platform is a proud representation of what can be achieved technologically today if one really is committed to publishing and beautiful typography!

I hope WordPress will continue on the journey and remain to be the top-leader in the field! I am a proud member of the bandwagon!

Praise and Gratitude for Apple

It has been since 2005 that I am with Apple for all my computer work. The change was a most significant one in my life, and has shown me how much better an approach to work processing can be that is not based on a tiny 512 MB root capsule as it is the case with the Windows operating system. This benefits typography, design, photography and art work, and not to forget, music and video production. But also for simply writing, the Mac is unmatched, and now completed through the iPad, for those devices work silently—which cannot be said about many Windows-based desktop computers, laptops and tablets. There have been bumps down the road with my Apple MacBook Pro’s but they have been solved. Most recently, speakers broke down twice and the keyboard was repeating letters incessantly. So these parts had to be replaced, and now all works fine again.

For the present Public Domain Edition, a lot of typing is needed and both my MacBook Pro and my new iPad Pro 12” are serving me well for completing the task. In the future, may Apple be more on the side of the intelligent content creator and perhaps a little less on the side of fancy folks who ask for gadget-pleasure, while the first category of people are those who were driving Apple to the grandeur and position in the world market it has achieved!

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